Touch Screen Sign In

Time is precious for receptionist staff. At busy times, patients can sometimes queue for several minutes to let staff know they have arrived. Our automated touch screen sign in allows patients to check themselves in for an appointment quickly.

GPs and nurses are alerted that their patient has arrived so they can call them when ready.

Any special directions or instructions, such as to go to a specific waiting room, can also be delivered to the patient as they check in.

Fulfilling Government Recommendations


  • Patients spend less time queuing, relieving frustrations.
  • Can free up receptionist time so that they can work in other areas.
  • Manages patient expectations by informing them of waiting times.
  • Option to have multiple screens for different waiting rooms or across different sites.
  • Patients may feel more comfortable checking in on a screen rather than speaking to a receptionist.
  • Text can be made multi-lingual.


  • Site the check-in machine away from the reception area but near enough for staff to keep an eye on it.
  • Install a hand gel dispenser at the side of the check-in screen with a sign asking patients to use the gel to reduce infectivity.
  • Give patients a choice – not everyone will want to use this check-in system.

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