Patient Connect

With our patient connect, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows interactions on a telephone and computer to be integrated or co-ordinated. For example, when a patient calls, the computer system recognises the number and automatically brings up the patient’s details.

This frees up hands and significantly shortens the length of a call. There are no issues with incorrect spellings when trying to bring up a record and the details of any calls can also be automatically updated to the patients’ record.

Fulfilling Government Recommendations

IVR systems are ideal for busy surgeries, enabling staff to deal with patients while the telephone system takes care of incoming calls, directing them as necessary.

Your current telephone system may be capable of supporting IVR. In addition, some newer telephone systems already have an auto attendant option available where simple keypad presses can access system options, information and particular people or services. Ensure that a full audit of your system is carried out before entering into any agreement.

• Can streamline receptionist function.
• May reduce staff costs.
• Allows patients to access or request information (such as repeat prescriptions) without speaking to staff.
• No financial outlay is required for telephone system hardware.
• Can provide patients with 24/7 access to information by using recorded messages.
• Can make focused announcements targeting hard-to-reach groups.

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