Information Display

Electronic information display systems are large screens that can be used to call patients for their consultations and as information gateways, promoting health improvement messages for patients as they wait for their appointments. The screens can also be used to publicise services provided by the surgery.

Fulfilling Government Recommendations

  • Flexibility: Practices can choose the message content, and specify the times, the length of each message and sometimes colour schemes.
  • Range of messages: Systems often come with a vast selection of messages that are regularly updated, for example healthy eating and smoking cessation advice. New messages can usually be created using simple software such as Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Targeting: Messages can target specific groups, for example new baby clinics.
  • By displaying text in different languages, they could be used to engage a diverse patient population.
  • Free up time for reception staff: The patient call function can relieve pressure on receptionists, freeing them for other duties.
  • Free up time for GPs: Doctors save the time between appointments previously spent phoning reception or going in search of patients. This allows them to read patients’ notes or catch up on paperwork.
  • Think carefully about patient messaging. It could be a good opportunity to make people aware of recent did not attend (DNA) rates, a new appointment booking system or future dates for PPG meetings.

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