Seven Signs It’s Time to Move Up to Enterprise Communications

As businesses grow, unified communications (UC) systems become increasingly sophisticated and complex. Growth will eventually translate into the need for the expanded functionality offered by enterprise-class technology and applications.

The trick is recognizing when “eventually” turns into now.

You need to scale your operations.

Growth can be gradual or sudden. In either case, a business needs to be able to smoothly and cost-effectively add locations and users. Though there is no magic number, when a company reaches the 5 location/500 employee mark, it’s time to review the cost/benefit equation.

An enterprise grade platform will be the best choice if your company:

  • Expects to grow to more than 5 sites and/or about 500 employees in the next 2–4 years
  • Needs to manage growth centrally for cost control and agility
  • Wants a consistent, seamless experience across all locations

Business growth has created the need for enterprise architecture.

As a business grows, reliability, security, efficiency, and complexity become key focal points. Enterprise-grade platforms offer more options to ensure business continuity while streamlining management of the overall solution.

An enterprise grade platform will be the best choice if your business:

  • Has a risk profile that requires tighter security and reliability measures to reduce the likelihood and extent of system failures
  • Needs to manage its network from the data center and virtualise as much as possible

Personnel demand increased mobility and collaboration capability.

The bigger an operation becomes, the more difficult it can be to connect. Staff needs tools that make collaboration easy wherever the players are located. Enterprise-class applications provide greater functionality, tighter security, and better integration options with other elements of the IT ecosystem, as well as a more transparent enterprise-wide collaboration experience.

An enterprise grade platform will be the best choice if your organisation:

  • Has a portfolio of user devices that is likely to change and/or include user-provided (BYOD) devices
  • Needs highly secure voice and web collaboration
  • Possesses UC apps that may need to integrate with groupware solutions now or in the coming years
  • Requires a single enterprise-wide collaboration platform

Higher customer volume means more resources to manage.

Today’s customers expect more ways to connect, including voice, internet, social media, and mobile. Eventually, the variables associated with customer service can become difficult to manage without more sophisticated customer
engagement technology.

An enterprise grade platform will be the best choice if your business needs:

  • Multifunction call center personnel
  • Access to complete customer data
  • More ways for customers to engage
  • Management of inbound and outbound customer contact

Process effectiveness has become critical to growth.

As a business becomes more dependent on enterprise apps such as ERP and CRM, integrating communication into these tools can be instrumental into growing sales without compromising customer satisfaction. The openness and integration services of enterprise platforms deliver seamless, economical, integrated solutions to streamline processes and information flows.

An enterprise grade platform will be the best choice if your company:

  • Wants an “open” system that provides flexible and easy integration options
  • Has sales and service functions that are growing and integrating with enterprise apps that speed processes and enable consistent process and communications with customers
  • Needs flexibility to integrate UC functions with a changing family of devices, apps, and groupware solutions

You need to manage multiple locations from a single site.

A single system, run from the data center, can save on software licenses, network charges, applications integration, maintenance, and staff effort to design, implement and support multisite solutions, all while enabling a better experience for users working across those locations.

An enterprise grade platform will be the best choice if your company:

  • Has or expects to have a large number of locations and needs the benefits of a centralised solution
  • Requires easy and flexible solutions for mobile and remote workers
  • Needs a highly secure, SIP-based network

IT department is strained to maintain systems.

IT departments can be especially strained during growth spurts, with multiple applications, networks, and data centre challenges competing for limited resources. An enterprise platform can provide the flexibility and control of a premise-based solution with the convenience of an outsourced solution.

An enterprise grade platform will be the best choice if you want to out-task:

  • System operation
  • User support
  • Moves and changes
  • Integrations

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